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Oriental Rugs

The phrase “oriental rug” is used as a blanket term to cover luxury carpets manufactured by hand in countries across the Middle East and Asia. We often service fine oriental rugs imported from Turkey, India, Russia and China and a variety of other countries.No matter the origin of your vintage oriental rug, you’ll want to make sure it’s in good hands if it ever needs cleaning or restoration. Our unique shampoo machine injects a rinsing agent and extracts into a vacuum all in one step. If you’ve invested a sizable sum of money into a rare oriental rug, let Costikyan care for your cherished heirloom. Our on-staff conservator can remove and/or reduce all kinds of stains, regardless of the circumstances.

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Antique Rugs

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Costikyan has cleaned and restored antique rugs for museums, castles, mansions, and several U.S. Presidents. With more than a century of experience, our rich history is simply unparalleled in our industry. Let our in-house artisans take care of your cleaning and restoration needs for antique carpets in your home or business. Costikyan handles over 14,000 units a year, with less than 0.5% return from dissatisfied customers – and we re-service these customers to their complete satisfaction.

Persian Rugs

Carpet weaving has been a central element of Persian culture for thousands of years, and many of the techniques used in fine rug making today were pioneered in ancient Persia (modern day Iran). Most Persian rugs are hand-knotted, which creates a unique challenge for cleaning or repairing them. Our technicians have decades of experience cleaning antique Persian rugs. We keep in mind the type of dirt, type of fiber, the color fastness of the dyes, and the strength of the cleaning agents we use to treat your beautiful Persian rug.

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Wool Rugs

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Dirt particles can make wool fibers brittle, and more sensitive to damage. When we clean wool rugs, we use a meticulous approach that requires a delicate, artisan touch. Washing the rug releases these particles and helps restore the fibers’ dexterity and luster. For post-cleaning protection, ask about the eco-friendly FIBER-SHIELD® textile protector – our proprietary advanced stage liquid floropolymeric treatment designed to protect fabrics and carpets from water borne, oil borne and soil borne mediums. This product comes with a lifetime guarantee.

We recommend a regular cleaning program for rugs and carpets.
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