Custom Rug Fabrication

Costikyan Partners with Designers to create your vision

Costikyan has a complete custom rug fabrication workroom. We have the skills, capacity and know-how to fabricate or alter any rug, because one size doesn’t always fit all. This allows us to offer a variety of services that help designers achieve their aesthetic while accommodating special needs and spatial constraints.

Rug Fabrication

One of a kind designs

  • Custom sizing and resizing
  • Narrow and wide binding
  • Leather, cotton and linen binding
  • Serging – hand or machine
  • Flat-weave hemming
  • Custom borders – tapestry, hides
  • Hand sewing and precious rug repairs and alterations
FD RugFab1 For Designers Carpet Fabrication

FD RugFab2 For Designers Carpet Fabrication

Rug Spreads, Padding & Delivery

  • Costikyan ensures that you select the correct padding to keep your rug in place without buckling.
  • Costikyan’s service team are experts in handling and installing fine rugs and carpets.
  • Professional delivery ensures a seamless installation.

The rug fits perfectly and my client’s were very impressed with the work. Thank you for doing such a good job and for getting it done so quickly. That made all the difference as well. – E. Stamford

Gabriella is my client and I recommended Costikyan to her to have her rug cut down. The mistake on the dimensions were completely mine, I misread my numbers. I am writing to thank you so very much for correcting this error and accommodating us with a reduced charge to rectify the problem. It is greatly appreciated. I will continue to recommend Costikyan to my future clients and I will be sure to mention your great customer service! – N. Lobosco

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