FDNY Approved Flameproofing

Don’t be sorry. Be Safe.

Certified Flameproofing NY, NJ and CT

Costikyan holds a Certificate of Fitness for Flameproofing from the Fire Department of New York City (FDNY) to apply flame-retardant chemicals and issue flameproofing affidavits.

Flame proofing is done to prevent materials, such as curtains, rugs, and carpets from combustion. Such decorative pieces made out of natural fibers are either coated or soaked in a fire resistant chemical. We use non-toxic chemicals approved by the Board of Standards and Appeals and the Health Department for safety, effectiveness, and biodegradability.

Flame proofing can be done on-site for certain materials or in our warehouse prior to delivery and installation.

The FDNY enforces regulations that require materials used for artistic (decorative) enhancements in public buildings be flame proofed if made of combustible materials. Businesses operating in public buildings, such as hotels, theaters, department stores, restaurants, nightclubs, etc. are required to follow these regulations. Flame proofing natural fibers in these buildings will protect your business investment and save you from great financial losses.

New York City Fire Department Emblem svg Flameproofing

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