EcoFriendly Fibershield Green by Costikyan™

Fibershield Green by Costikyan™ is an advanced stage liquid treatment designed
to protect fabrics and carpeting

Available exclusively through Costikyan, Fibershield Green protects the integrity of the fabric and extends the life of your valuable furnishings.

Fibershield Green by Costikyan™ is used by hundreds of interior designers and
architects within the home decorating and design industry

Fibershield Green by Costikyan™ protection can be applied to new furnishings and freshly cleaned ones as well. Fibershield protectors can be applied to all types of soft surfaces: fabric and leather upholstery, rugs, carpeting, window treatments, wall coverings, and wall coverings without changing texture or appearance.

Fibershield Green by Costikyan™ provides stronger resistance more than any other protector available. Maintenance with Fibershield is a practical, cost-effective approach to getting the most out of any furnishing investment.

The Fibershield Green by Costikyan™ Advantage

• Repels liquids (including alcohol)
• Repels soil (reduces static charge)
• Repels oils (skin and hair oils that bind soil to fabric)
• Extremely abrasion resistant – reduces wear and tear
• Blocks ultraviolet rays that fade textiles
• Drastically improves clean-ability
• Extends the time between cleanings

Fibershield Green by Costikyan™ is not a surface coating. It is an example of the latest chemical technology utilizing crosslinking of flouropolymers to fibers. Each fiber is impregnated with millions of string-like flourochemical umbrellas that surround each fiber in a protective barrier. The protection does not readily break down with use or cleaning. Fibershield’s protection is uniform throughout each fiber and does not change the breathability of the material. The application dries in 10-30 minutes, provides static control and acts as a disinfectant. In addition the process is non flammable, non combustible and does not affect the flammability rating.

FiberShield Green fabric protector carpet stain protectant Long Island NY, NJ and CT

Fibershield® fabric stain protectant is accepted by the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). Rely on Costikyan, an authorized applicator of Fibershield™.

• Hypoallergenic
• No stiffening
• No yellowing due to age
• Non-toxic
• No change in fabric
• No change in look or feel
• No change in color

As overheard . . .

“Fibershield™ works miracles! It’s safe, effective and carefully applied by skilled technicians. It doesn’t change the hand of a textile or its color.” – L. BLAIRE, ASID

FiberShield Green – Fabric & Carpet Stain Protectant NY, NJ and CT

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