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For anybody who has ever owned a rug – trying to preserve the vibrant colors and texture can become a frustrating challenge with each year that passes. Whether it comes from a spilled cup of coffee, the sun causing the color to fade, or a new pup that just had an accident – there are dozens of variables that can affect the look and life of a beautiful rug. But don’t worry! We’ll go over a few practical ways to protect that beautiful rug in your home.

For starters, let’s go over a few simple but practical guidelines when it comes to Home Care:

  • Sweeping the carpet once a week, with a monthly vacuum is a good practice to help clean off any unwanted residue that might land on the carpet.
  • Reversing the rug yearly will help even out the carpets use and help keep the carpet balanced.
  • Do not place potted plants on top of – or – within close proximity to the carpets with a seepage dish.
  • Protect from excess sunlight. Having the carpet exposed to the sun constantly will cause excessive fading which is very prominent in carpets that have used vegetable and synthetic dye.
  • Use effective underpadding. Having good padding for a carpet is similar to having a good case for your phone – it helps to protect and alleviate the constant pressure on the back of the carpet.


This guide has the practical ways to help preserve the quality of the carpet for the years to come. While accidents do happen, having the knowledge to act and treat certain problems will definitely be a lifesaver for your rug. And there will always be professionals who are able to help you with your inquiries and help you to the best of their ability. But at the end of the day it is all about trying to keep the carpet and rugs in your home as beautiful as the day they first came.

For more information or if you are interested in using Costikyan to clean or repair soiled/damaged carpets please contact Costikyan at 718-726-1090 or email us at

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