The Costikyan Mothproofing Process

Mothproofing 101

Costikyan repairs moth damage in our Workroom for area rugs
and on-premise for wall-to-wall carpet.

Rug repair & carpet restoration long island ny nj and ct

Frequently Asked Questions About Moth Proofing Your Carpets

Is there such a thing as a moth proof carpet?
Rugs and carpets made from wool, silk, and other natural fibers are susceptible to moth damage. Only 100% synthetic rugs are resistant to moth damage.

What attracts moths to carpets?
Moths feed on the natural fibers, such as wool, silk and cotton.

How will I know if the damaged carpet is caused by moths?
Often, moths or their eggs can be seen in the damaged area.

How often should a moth protection be applied to carpets?
When new or every time a carpet is professionally cleaned

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