Padding Options

Prevent Floor and rug damage with the right pad


Ideal for:
Rugs over all floors
Recommended carpet cushion for all area rugs. It provides support under heavier area rugs
Provides support for lighter rugs
Ideal for high traffic areas
Pad provides a firm base and hides irregular surfaces

Premium ¼” padding with felt & rubber back
Extra support for comfort
Adds thermal and acoustical insulation
Made from 100% recycled synthetic Fibers
Superior tensile strength to retain density and resist breakdown from moisture and wear
Resists moisture and mildew. Can be used below grade.
Slick heat singed surface allows for ease of installation
Green Label Certified: CC# 851008

PaddingFinalDurahold Padding Options


Ideal for:
Rug over carpet
Lightweight rug over smooth hard floors

Premium non-skid padding containing 12 oz of fiber per square yard to resist buckling of the underlay rug.
Peel & stick adhesive fleece top and bottom with premium Teebaud pad
Unique padding fiber blend allows rug to breathe with no risk of oxidation or discoloration to the floor surface
Water soluble/low tack
Contains a pressure sensitive water-soluble adhesive
Prevents unwanted moisture and mildew buildup

PaddingFinalTEEBaud Padding Options


Ideal for:
Rugs over smooth hard floor surface

Netted/Open Mesh
Non-slip grip
Protects your floors
Easily cuts to fit any floor
Thin / low profile ideal for tight door swings

PaddingFInalNonskid Padding Options

Hold Tight™

Ideal For:
Rugs over smooth or slightly textured hard floors

Solid 1/8” foam padding for superior gripping power & extra comfort
Machine Washable and self-drying
Rip Proof
Non-Slip Grip
Natural Rubber on a Natural Cotton Mesh

PaddingFinalHoldTight Padding Options

Carpet & Rug Padding NY, NJ and CT

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