Wall to Wall Carpet Restoration

Costikyan for precision Measuring and installation

Costikyan’s team of full-time project managers and skilled technicians will handle each element of your carpet installation. We manage all phases from site inspection and measuring to installation. Our experienced team uses professional techniques and equipment on every measuring and installation project. We work on both commercial and residential projects. We have a track record of exceeding client expectations for over 133 years.

Carpet Measuring & Templating

Successfull Carpet Installations Begin with Meticulous Floor plans

Whether you are working on a commercial or residential project Costikyan will ensure that you have exactly the amount of materials you need to make your end project a success. Ensuring you have the exact measurements for every room and minimizing waste.

  • Digital AutoCAD floor plans delivered with seam locations, border dimensions and optimized carpet layouts.
  • Full size templates created for custom carpets – special shapes and custom stair templates.
  • Production-ready templates provided for factory/mill fabrications
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Carpet Installation

Expert Installtion for the finest floor coverings

  • Commercial & Residential
  • Highly Skilled mechanics – trained and experienced
  • Experienced installations with a variety of subfloors, including concrete
  • Designer’s choice for custom installations
  • Custom stair installations including stair rods

I wanted to follow up and thank you and your team for doing such a marvelous job with our carpet installation. I know you were concerned about the seam being visible and it’s perfect — you can’t see it at all! Your team was super nice and cleaned things up well during and after the installation. And they also kindly fixed the edging of our existing carpet in the kids’ room — it looks so much better now. Thank you again!. – Amanda Hesser, Co-Founder and CEO, Food52

We Ensure a Perfect Fit

I just wanted to take a moment to write and compliment the four-man team from this morning’s installation on Houston Street. Kathy attended the installation and said your team were just consummate professionals. They took extra care with moving and lifting the cumbersome furniture, were sure to measure everything first, and even noticed floor fading from a previous carpet and suggested a new positioning to cover it up. Kathy has been in the industry for many years and goes on many installations, and this is the first time I’ve seen her come back just raving about the team sent. We all know our designers and homeowners are not the easiest bunch, and it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day logistical stress. Sending big big thanks to Costikyan for helping to make us look good to our clients. We very much value the amazing service and continued mutually-beneficial relationship with Costikyan. Best.- Kim