The Costikyan Carpet Cleaning Process

For over 130 years, Costikyan has been committed
to providing the highest level of carpet & rug services.

Beginning in 2019 we continued this commitment by investing in our facilities and machinery to ensure the highest level of servicing would be achieved at the highest efficiency.
We would like to introduce this state of the art machinery to our customers so you can better understand our commitment and exceptional results of our process.

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” The men were very pleasant. Carpets look terrific.
Very pleased with outcome of services on all five pieces. “
A. Hannold

We searched high and low throughout the United States and abroad
to find a unique piece of equipment that replicates the hand cleaning process
while eliminating many of the manual aspects that accompany it.

Our new process includes:

• Thorough inspection process to identify origins of your rug and service options

• Remove stagnant and embedded dust/dirt with newly developed duster

• Wash rugs in our automated washing machine
– Apply soap and water mixture evenly throughout with automated sprayers
– Using (8) sensor driven continuously rotating soft brushes – scrub the carpet
– Rinse the carpet with (2) automated high power water sprayers
– Brush the pile of the carpet in its natural direction using a delicate revolving nap brush

• Place cleaned/wet carpet rolled up in our revolutionary centrifuge
(A centrifuge is a 15 ft. long revolving cylinder which spins at a high rate to extract 80-90% of the remaining soap/water)

• Lay carpet flat to brush pile of carpet in its natural direction one more time prior to drying

• Hang dry your rug in a climate controlled environment

• Thorough post cleaning inspection process to ensure results of the servicing are satisfactory and identify if any additional service items should be recommended

• Vacuum and pack your rug with our automated packing machine to ensure your rug is protected for storage and transportation to its final resting place

As always, we will never stop our search to better our customers experience and results
that come with our services.
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