The Costikyan Carpet Cleaning Difference

Costikyan’s 132 years of experience makes us the only resource for cleaning, repairing, restoring and resizing your fine rugs.

Costikyan’s technicians evaluate the type of dirt, the type of fiber, the color fastness of the dyes, and the strength of the cleaning agents in preparation of each job.

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” The men were very pleasant. Carpets look terrific.
Very pleased with outcome of services on all five pieces. “
A. Hannold

Costikyan’s Six Step Carpet Cleaning Process

• Remove embedded dust particles with industrial vacuum

• Oxygenate rugs in water bath to remove latent soil

• Hand clean rugs while immersed in water bath

• Extract water and soil using extraction equipment

• Fluff and comb the pile in its natural direction

• Suspend the rug in a climate controlled dry room

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The Benefits of using Expert Carpet Cleaners

It is our mission at Costikyan to properly and professionally maintain your carpets and rugs.

• Reduce loss of carpet fiber with our extraction process for ground-in dirt particles

• High powered water extraction eliminates mold spores

• Professional grade cleaning agents eliminates allergens, dander and germs

• Professional knowledge and expertise to clean your rugs properly and avoid damage

• Extends the life of your rug

• Restores your rug to its original beauty and quality

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We recommend a regular cleaning program for rugs and carpets.
Contact us to develop a cleaning & maintenance program suited for your needs

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Carpet Cleaning, Repair and Restoration in Long Island NY, NJ and CT!

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