Carpet Repair Techniques Passed Down Over Generations

For Over 130 Years Costikyan’s Carpet Restoration Experts Have Been Preserving Fine Carpets & Rugs

Costikyan has developed many techniques that effectively repair and restore the delicate and intricate workmanship of the worn and damaged areas within a rug. Keep in mind, edges and borders are critical to a rug’s integrity. When damage is evident, immediate restoration is the most practical and economical solution to ensuring many more years of use and enjoyment.

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” My rugs came back looking better then I ever remembered them looking. Thank you Costikyan! “
A. Goodman

Expert Rug & Carpet restoration by costikyan

Our skilled artisans reweave and recolor worn areas. We restore damaged edge conditions such as fringe and binding.
We are committed to restoring your rugs and carpets to their original splendor.

Asset 2 Rug Restoration Services
RestoreFinalFading Rug Restoration Services

Fading Caused By Sunlight

Our experienced colorists renew a carpet’s original splendor.

RestoreFinalLargeHole Rug Restoration Services

Large Hole Damage

Handcrafted expert reweaving restores & preserves foundations.

RestoreFInalTornSeams Rug Restoration Services

Torn Carpet Seams

Onsite hand sewing and binding will restore your rugs and carpets’ beauty.

RestoreFinalWornEdges HomeQuote Rug Restoration Services

Worn Carpet Edges

Our carpet restoration experts repair fringe & binding.

Rug Restoration & Restoration in Long Island NY, NJ and CT!

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